Press Release – UK innovator Pelipod one to visit at the Ideal Home Show

London, United Kingdom (20 March 2015) Pelipod is delighted to be selected as one of the top five, out of nearly 100 home improvement companies, to watch at this year’s Ideal Home Show. A huge achievement for a young company in a show with almost 600 companies exhibiting and 250,000 people visiting.

Pelipod has been developed and manufactured in the UK and is targeted at the 46 million people who shop online. At present 57% of consumers feel that the current delivery options from retailers are not satisfactory*1 and with one billion parcels expected to be delivered this year*2 this is a big problem. Consumers last year wasted on average 31 hours and 48 minutes waiting for deliveries*3. Pelipod is the home delivery option consumers have been waiting for; it is always in so they don’t need to be.

Being named as a ´One to Watch’ by the Ideal Home Show 2015 is a great accolade for the UK company that aims to make the home delivery of online shopping easy and painless. At the show visitors from across the UK will be able to see how the product works and order a Pelipod; thereby never having to miss a parcel delivery again.

Karl Wills, Pelipod CEO, commented “The Ideal Home Show is a wonderful venue for inspiring home owners with the latest and greatest in home-focused innovations, technologies and solutions. The Pelipod team are really excited to be exhibiting at the show this year and look forward to meeting visitors and helping them to understand how they never have to miss a delivery again.”

During the course of the show there will also be a competition to win a free Pelipod for a year. Anyone who signs up for a Pelipod at the show is automatically entered into this competition to win one of the five Pelipods available.

If you are visiting the show visit Pelipod at stand H318 to find out more about the product and sign up to enter the competition.

*1 Retail Times


*3 Metapack

About Pelipod –

Pelipod’s vision is to revolutionise parcel delivery and collection by bringing reliable, time-efficient and easy-to-use technologies to homes and businesses. The Pelipod is the smart home-delivery box with built-in proof-of-delivery that saves time, money and worry for consumers, couriers and retailers. Headquartered in London, Pelipod was founded in 2013 is privately funded and held.

Shortlisted for top 12 retail start ups by Retail Week Live 2015

Named as top five new home improvement product by Ideal Home Show 2015

Twitter: @pelipod

Media contact: Marc Duke – 07764 950 953 or

Press Release – Pelipod Now Available Across the UK

London, United Kingdom (March 17th 2015) Pelipod,the connected smart home-delivery box, is now available to consumers across the UK. From today, UK shoppers can order a Pelipod and never miss another online delivery.

Karl Wills, Pelipod CEO commented “Research tells us that over half of all UK consumers will avoid shopping online due to the current home delivery experience often being poor. At Pelipod we feel that home delivery should work without forcing the consumer to wait in for an online order or trek to a collection point if they missed the delivery. With a Pelipod, shoppers will never miss a home delivery of an online order again. Pelipod can even manage parcel collections from your home “

The durable box is secured outside a customer’s house to prevent theft and automatically emails you when a parcel has been delivered or a return collected. A unique parcel code is generated for each order by the user, who then inserts this code into the delivery address. The Pelipod is sent this code so the courier can key it in to open the pod. As each parcel code is unique, the Pelipod knows exactly which parcel has been delivered. The Pelipod is always locked until accessed with the unique parcel codes allowing for multiple deliveries or collections. Pelipod tracks all deliveries and collections and a camera in the inside lid of the box provides irrefutable photographic evidence of a parcel having been delivered or collected.

This means UK consumers have a solution that delivers the parcel to them at home whether they are there or not. No more missed delivery cards, trips to collection points or relying on neighbours to take in parcels. Pelipod is offering pods on a free 2 months trial, followed by £9.99 a month on a subscription basis with a £15 delivery charge to England and Wales. UK consumers can sign up:

About Pelipod –

Pelipod’s vision is to revolutionise parcel delivery and collection by bringing reliable, time-efficient and easy-to-use technologies to homes and businesses. The Pelipod is a smart home-delivery box with built-in proof-of-delivery that saves time, money and worry for consumers, couriers and retailers. Headquartered in London, Pelipod was founded in 2013 is privately funded and held.

Shortlisted for top 12 retail start ups by Retail Week Live 2015

Named as top five new home improvement product by Ideal Home Show 2015

Twitter: @pelipod

Media contact: Marc Duke – 07764 950 953 or

Pelipod Selected as one of the finalists for Retail Week Live Innovation

This is a busy and exciting time for us here at Pelipod and we are all on the edge of our seats to see what will happen next. Retail Week Live is happening on the 11th&12th of March at the Hilton Metropole, London where retailers, brands and innovators showcase what is happening next in the industry. We are delighted to have been selected as one of the 12 start-up finalists at the Retail Week Live Innovation Campus, where start-ups in ecommerce innovation are brought together. As one of the finalists we will be competing in further rounds of pitches for Retail Week’s Start-up of the Year next week.

At the Innovation Campus there will be three heats and the winner from each heat moves into the final. We are really excited to have a three minute pitch about Pelipod followed by 10 minutes of questioning from the judges in front of a live audience who get to vote for their favorite.  We have 180 seconds to get the message across to retailers and ecommerce professionals as to why Pelipod is a must-have for consumers and how it will enhance the delivery experience for their customers.

The Retail Week Live conference will enable us to engage with retailers and ecommerce professionals to explain how they can work with us to increase consumer satisfaction through their omnichannel retail. Retailers and ecommerce companies are doing everything they can to deliver goods to the consumer and many different methods for omnichannel delivery have been developed. However, there has previously been no way to get around the fact that in order to deliver packages direct to the person, the customer needs to be home. This has been a painful factor in  an otherwise very convenient service and is a key reason for customer dissatisfaction.  This limiting factor has held back omnichannel delivery solutions until now. Pelipod provides the missing part of the omnichannel puzzle.

Being recognised along with other innovative and groundbreaking startup companies is a privilege for us and it is encouraging to see so many start-ups using online platforms in imaginative ways to create new businesses.  This is an important opportunity to show online companies how we can work with them in order to ensure the success of their home deliveries.

So to our fellow competitors: Ometria, Collectec Limited, Photospire, Digital Bridge, Elevaate, SoPost, YOOBIC, Big Data For Humans, Formisimo, Spaaza and Goodvidio  – good luck!

If you are attending the event please do come and see us at the Innovation Campus in order to find out more.

New intern at Pelipod as the marketing team grows

The marketing team at Pelipod has been growing in the recent month. As Pelipods are beginning to be rolled out to customers and the company starts working with couriers and retailers. Bringing the public relations aspect of this in-house has been part of the process to get the Pelipod name out there and thus to able to take over the world!

With that it’s time to introduce our latest team member – Millie

Hello – Millie here! I’ve just joined Pelipod as the Public Relations and Marketing Communications Intern. So far I have fought with computers (they won – stubborn things), made it to the nearby Irish pub and had a little taste of all the great food that the Kings Cross area has to offer; all in 3 days’ work!

Working at Pelipod is very different to my previous PR experience; part of the excitement of working in a start-up is the chance to really get involved with making new contacts and building up systems. This means I get to learn first-hand the ins and outs of running an in-house PR campaign, adding to the challenge and level of responsibility I have been given.

The really interesting aspect of this role is that the Pelipod is a brand new product and I get to be part of getting it ‘out there’. There are many problems with the lack of convenience in online shopping and it doesn’t fit quite as neatly into our hectic lifestyles as is necessary. Yes you can order it at home in your pyjamas with a glass of wine, but then you have to sit in all day with your nose pressed up against the window waiting for the delivery man or end up with a pile of missed delivery notices. The Pelipod folks have created this innovative solution to one of the last major issues holding back e-commerce, getting the parcel to the customer whilst allowing the recipient to continue their normal life, I personally am very excited about the challenge.

Let’s see how it goes…

Press Release – Pelipod completes the retail omnichannel delivery puzzle

Launch of carrier and retail service gives consumers complete choice


London, United Kingdom (3 February 2015) Pelipod has launched a new service for carriers and retailers looking to offer a ‘first time every time’ delivery service to their customers. The secure, intelligent, connected home delivery solution will bring a new level of convenience to consumers while simplifying the delivery process for the courier, and subsequently cutting the cost of failed deliveries.

The parcel to person solution will dramatically improve carrier first-time delivery rates and will enable retailers to offer customers the full range of collection options from in-store, locker box, time slot delivery to safe and secure home delivery even when the customer is not home. Crucially Pelipod requires no integration with courier or retailer systems to function effectively.

“Pelipod is the perfect complement to other fulfilment solutions in the market today. Retailers and carriers now have an option to offer customers home delivery without having wait in for it. Our service is the last piece of omnichannel retail delivery puzzle” commented Karl Wills, Pelipod CEO.

Pelipod is a secure, stand-alone home-located parcel box with integrated mobile communications capabilities that provide full tracking of deliveries and collections. The box provides full proof of delivery on all transactions: customers generate secure parcel-specific codes when shopping online that are included in delivery instructions and allow access to the Pelipod for a specific delivery. Once a delivery has been made, the user, carrier and retailer have access to full proof of delivery including delivery time and date. An integrated camera captures an image of the parcel once the box has been closed to ensure that no other items were removed during the delivery, enabling multiple secure deliveries or returns each day.

To view Pelipod, please go to or visit stand 18 at the Delivery Conference


61cm x 61cm x 70cm


About Pelipod –

Pelipod’s vision is to revolutionise parcel delivery and collection by bringing reliable, time-efficient and easy-to-use technologies to homes and businesses. The Pelipod is a smart home-delivery box with built-in proof-of-delivery that saves time, money and worry for consumers, couriers and retailers. Headquartered in London, Pelipod was founded in 2013 is privately funded and held.

Twitter: @pelipod

Media contact: Marc Duke – 07764 950 953 or

Piecing together the omnichannel delivery puzzle

Here at Pelipod we are really excited about a couple of things, well actually a lot of things but here are two things right now we’d like to share with you.

Firstly, next week we will be at the Delivery Conference so if you are at the show do pop by stand 18 for a chat and demo. Our CEO Karl Wills will be speaking on the Better Delivery Choice panel between 12.00 – 12.30 and we are looking forward to sharing more on that discussion next week!

Secondly we think we may have the last piece of the omnichannel delivery puzzle

Choice has always been important to the customer. As the old mantra goes ‘in this business the customer is king’, and these days the industry treats the customer just so – offering a veritable feast of shopping experiences so that the customer is able to choose how to shop in the most convenient and enjoyable way for them. From shopping in store and mail orders, to ordering online, via mobile, tweet to select and click to buy, and even offering personal shopper services there really is something for everyone!

However retailers face many challenges in offering this variety of shopping experiences to the consumer. Customers want variety, but they also want consistency across platforms. These days we talk a lot about omni-channel retailing – where retailers aim to offer a consistent and seamless retail experience across all their ‘touchpoints’ to ensure customer loyalty. But one important area that we feel is often missed in these discussions is the customer’s experience of delivery or fulfilment.

Right now customers don’t have much choice in how they receive their purchases, in fact pretty much every delivery option out there forces the customer to go to their order. If you chose click and collect, you need to go to the store. If you opt for Collect+ you need to find the nearest convenience store and pick up your parcel. Organise a delivery to your workplace and your parcel may come to you, but inevitably you’ll end up battling the tube in peak hour, with one hand on the rail and the other trying to steady your awkwardly sized parcel. Opt for a time delivery at home, and you’ll end up putting the kettle on, checking your email and hope the parcel turns up before you need to go out. In short all these delivery solutions rely on a logic of ‘person to parcel’.

But what if we changed this logic, and found a way to seamlessly offer ‘parcel to person’ delivery solutions? What if we could offer consumers a delivery channel that would guarantee parcel delivery to the most convenient location for the customer, regardless of whether anyone is home to sign for it? If we could find such a solution, we could at last complete the omni-channel delivery puzzle – offering consumers complete choice in how and where they would like to receive deliveries.

Well… and here’s why we are so excited… Pelipod is that the final piece of the omnichannel delivery puzzle.

We believe that a customer should have choices not only in how they shop, but also in how their purchase is delivered. Our smart, connected, and secure home delivery box gives them the complete choice as to how they want their online shopping to be delivered. For retailers and couriers the benefits are many: right first time delivery, proof of delivery, reduced costs on lost parcel claims, less customer calls chasing missed parcels = better customer service.

With the last piece of the omnichannel delivery puzzle in place we now have a picture of happy customers, retailers and couriers something we can all be excited about.


Right here, right now, or at The Delivery Conference…

Queen is a band that the Pelipod team really enjoy, and their song ‘I want it all I want it now’ really expresses what we are all about. This timeless classic is not only a cracking tune but sums up how online shoppers feel about getting their parcels. Waiting is no longer an option for the customer – retailers and couriers know that. So the challenge is to find a solution that provides a customer experience that matches their expectations.

On February 3rd Pelipod will be attending The Delivery Conference: Europe’s leading event for innovation in Delivery & eCommerce. The conference attracts influential players from the retail industry across Europe, showcasing how retailers can encourage collaboration and innovation in the retail industry and use delivery to generate repeat purchase, customer loyalty and ultimately a better consumer experience.

Pelipod will be exhibiting at the conference as well as participating in a panel entitled Better Choice: Delivered. We will share more on our discussions after the panel, but in the run up to the event here are some thoughts for retailers and couriers alike to whet the appetite…

In case you missed it, the tail end of 2014 had delivery and fulfilment right in the spot light. Here are a few brief recollections:

  • The terms ‘Black Friday’, ‘Cyber Monday’ and the lesser-known ‘Boomerang Wednesday’ – when consumers return items they bought on the previous Friday and Monday, filled the media. Showing us that online shopping is now as mainstream a pursuit as visiting a shopping mall.
  • The press seized on stories of retailers closing online stores as sites crashed, systems failed and logistics companies fought to cope with orders. Logistics has never been so news worthy.
  • 930 million B2C parcels were delivered in the UK in 2014.
  • Following a negative delivery experience, 59% of consumers said they were less likely or unlikely to order from that retailer again – MetaPack
  • 76% of consumers polled by MetaPack said that they expect same-day delivery in the future

Clearly technology’s impact on consumer behaviours and expectations around shopping has changed significantly in the last few years, and there is no sign of the pace letting up in 2015. If anything the leading retailers and couriers of 2015 will be those that use technology intelligently while managing consumer expectations in the process.

For couriers and retailers, making Right Here Right Now a reality for consumers is a worthy goal to pursue. Here at Pelipod we are excited about playing our part in making this happen, and we look forward to joining the discussion on February 3rd and throughout 2015.

Logistics in 2015

We blinked and it’s the middle of January. We at Pelipod are really excited about 2015 – who knows what the future will hold? Our friends at Entrepreneur Country recently ran a piece on the future of the logistics industry, it’s a really interesting read referencing the trends to look out for this year such as drones, innovations in retail technology and of course the challenge of meeting consumer expectations with great fulfilment technology and solutions. Watch out for a mention of Pelipod too – Thank you! For the full article just click here.

Pelipod setting the standards for home delivery

If you are based in London and commute chances are you will read the Evening Standard on your way home. Last week the lovely Lucy Tobin wrote a great piece on parcel delivery and Christmas (we are hoping by the time you read this the angst and stress of the Xmas shop has dissipated) well we were rather chuffed to get a mention in the feature entitled

Why are we waiting? why delivery anxiety is the latest Christmas trauma

. Thanks Lucy, click on the link to read it.

Black Friday and the delivery problem

While television and national newspaper reports understandably focused heavily on the consumer frenzy at ‘bricks and mortar’ stores, the greatest stampedes during Black Friday took place online. While retailers attempted to shift the focus of the annual ecommerce charge to Cyber Monday, consumers that were unable to compete for in-store bargains on Black Friday were determined to share the action from their offices , phones and tablets. Amazon’s experience of orders up 37.5 percent on last year’s sales was typical. Runs on ecommerce sites saw many major retailers shut online stores as systems fought to cope with orders.

To us the huge and largely untold story of Black Friday was the fulfilment and delivery of those orders – inundated couriers pushing the boundaries of delivery windows and the patience of home shoppers eager to get their hands on their bargains. As online shopping continues to boom and consumers are presented with even higher profile sales opportunities, frustration can only escalate for shoppers forced to either wait at home for long periods or resign themselves to frustrating trips to postal depots with failed delivery slips.

The solution?  Deliver the parcel to the customer – first time and every time. Our British-made Pelipod features are durable, strong and designed to receive parcels – and handle returns – as needed. With built-in telecommunications software, sensors,  cameras and proof-of-delivery, our mission is to transform parcel delivery and to save time, money and worry for consumers, couriers and retailers.

Online shopping is set to continue in its velocity and volume. We need to get the parcel to the consumer and smart home delivery pods solve this problem of modern parcel delivery.