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8 Companies Shaping the future of delivery

Insider are a business focussed on spotting and disseminating thoughts on the latest influences and innovations impacting retail, ecommerce and related activity. So it was great news when, in a recent article that showcased the 8 companies most disrupting the parcel delivery industry, Pelipod was one of the selected businesses.

Pelipod was in great company. The other 7 selected businesses included giants such as Amazon, Ebay (Shutl) and UPS alongside established industry leaders such as CitySprint, and Doddle. Insider Trends ran the article because, as they noted, 83% of consumers are satisfied with their ecommerce experience yet only 50% expressed positive attitudes when it came to parcel delivery. As the volume of parcels has grown, satisfaction levels have remained stubbornly low and this unhappiness is constraining the growth of B2B and B2C ecommerce. There is clearly room for improvement in parcel delivery and this is driving a huge variety of innovations aiming to transform and improve the way things are done.

Pelipod was featured because we have built the worlds most advanced point-solution parcel delivery box. A Pelipod enables deliveries to be made to any location in a cost-effective secure and fully audited way whilst also providing notification via email or SMS for every delivery and lid opening. By assigning unique codes to every individual parcel and photographing each delivery, Pelipod provides a comprehensive level of certainty and security for customers. Pelipod tracks What has been delivered, When it was delivered and Who collected the item.

This What, When and Who is vital for high value goods or where critical business related parcel deliveries are concerned. Pelipod has both consumer and business users with many household name firms and courier companies conducting field trials with the product. As Pelipod gets parcels to precisely where they are needed, it will transform business supply chains by reducing the need for field based employees to travel to collect items from depots or lockers. The impact on employee efficiency and reduction in mileage induced CO2 emissions will be considerable.

Of the seven other firms showcased by the Insider Trends article, Amazon and Mole are building technologies to transport parcels: Amazon via its drones and Mole by (you guessed it) an underground vehicle that would use the existing infrastructure of tunnels and pipes to bypass city congestion to move parcels around. The other companies, Nimber, Doddle, UPS, On-the-Dot (CitySprint) were focussed on tracking parcels, managing specific delivery time slots or providing conveniently located parcel pick-up and management hubs.

The business of delivery is going through a really interesting phase of innovation to address the challenges of huge growth in parcel volumes, increasing business and consumer expectation and the increasingly ‘connected’ nature of human activity. Pelipod is determined to play its part in providing products that mean businesses and consumers can have secure, reliable unattended parcel delivery wherever is convenient for them.

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