Pelipod at RioT and Venlo


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Last week Pelipod, presented at RioT, the “Revolutionise the Internet of Things” conference. The conference was an initiative by Eseye to bring together the technology vendors enabling the proliferation of connected devices with the innovators who are developing new products and categories for internet driven economy The Internet of Things as it is termed is being widely viewed as the next wave of technological innovation set to change most industries, consumer products and processes. Eseye is a UK technology firm with world leading M2M and connectivity solutions and Pelipod were shown to be a driving member of the IoT community.

A Pelipod is a smart parcel delivery box that uses connectivity to allow unattended parcel deliveries and collections to be made from any location. The product was designed to be intuitively simple to use without a complicated set up; furthermore it requires no integration with supplier, retailer or courier systems to operate.

Mark Hennessy Chief Business Development Officer at Pelipod explained how the product is dramatically changing B2B supply chains by eliminating intermediate stocking locations. “Pelipod is inexpensive enough to be located wherever goods are needed. This means that field based workers no longer need to spend the first part of their working day collecting from a depot or locker bank; they can have deliveries to their doorstep and go straight out to see customers. Pelipod’s high level of security and email or SMS notification of every delivery or pick-up allows field workers to plan their time more effectively.  For the average field-based employee travelling 30 minutes a day, this saves around £3,000 per annum.

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Pelipod was also exhibiting last week at the CSCO forum in Venlo where Karl Wills, Pelipod’s CEO was demonstrating to the 3PL and supply-chain industry how the product can simplify the final step of field based supply chains and deliver significant savings.

Karl said that “Everyone in the supply chain is looking for optimisation.  Pelipod allows for the removal of the intermediary transit stocking location taking out an unnecessary, but significant cost”.

Pelipod was also pleased to announce that Hermes is beginning field trials of Pelipod after a period of technical evaluation of the product as announced by Carol Woodhead, CEO of Hermes UK, at the launch of the 2015 International Shopping Survey.