Why Pelipod Makes the Couriers Life Easier

The life of a parcel courier is not necessarily a bed of roses. We consumers are shopping online more and more and therefore relying on timely and predictable deliveries. Most of us have experienced parcel trauma, a recognised medical condition where you put your entire day on hold waiting for a delivery. One of the symptoms of parcel trauma is that the more you want the delivery to come, the less likely it is to arrive. When we get parcel trauma, we blame the courier.

As well as getting blamed when things go wrong (rarely praised when things go well) the courier has to work hard to tight schedules, delivering the maximum amount of parcels in the minimum amount of time.  He or she faces a host of obstacles that conspire to make their job harder. Consumers track their parcels (limits the opportunities for a quiet cuppa), we demand deliveries within narrow time slots and we often expect them to make the judgement call as to what is a safe place or whether our neighbours are kleptomaniacs.

The worst crime that consumers inflict on the poor courier is that we are often not home to receive and sign for our parcel. When we are not home the courier has to make a judgement call as to whether he can leave the parcel anyway, try harder to find us, track down neighbours or leave the parcel in the wheelie bin. When we are not home, the reliability of delivery falls apart and the courier usually gets the blame. Even when we are home, some deliveries can fail to arrive on time but most of the time, the problems stem from us not being there when the courier needs us most!

From the courier’s perspective, it would be great if all his customers could hire servants who could wait at home 24/7 to receive parcels. Unfortunately, even on (the current) minimum wage, this would cost everyone about £240 a week. However, increasing numbers of enlightened people are hiring servants to stay in for their parcels but they have secured a deal where they only pay £9.99 a month for someone (something) to wait in 24/7.

The “something” is Pelipod, the world’s most advanced, intelligent unattended home parcel box. Pelipod makes the couriers life easy.  When you order your parcel you generate a unique code via the Pelipod App or portal and you put this code into your delivery address. The code is sent to the Pelipod via a mobile signal.

When the courier arrives, all he/she needs to do is tap in the code (included in the delivery address), open the Pelipod and make the delivery. The courier does not need to ring the door bell, chase round trying to find either you or a willing neighbour.

The Pelipod even “signs” for your parcel by recording who used the code and by photographing the contents of the box after every closing of the lid.

A highly “scientific” test conducted by my wife and I showed that a signed delivery to our Pelipod only takes 16 seconds.  Compare that to the usual ‘walk up the path, knock on the door, wait for an answer, ask for a signature, walk back to the van” scenario. Pelipod is quicker and simpler for the couriers to use.

So, all you couriers from Yodel, Royal Mail, Amazon Logistics, DHL and others; an increasing number of your customers are using Pelipod’s and this will be a growing benefit to you. It will save you time, save you hassle and with its comprehensive proof of delivery save you from disputes as well.


We have had isolated reports from Pelipod customers saying that a minority of couriers do not use the Pelipod, and prefer the risk a failed delivery or a lost parcel than putting a simple code into a keypad. Using it could not be easier.

Help take the trauma out of parcel delivery!

See this video to see how easy it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSP_WNSxako

One thought on “Why Pelipod Makes the Couriers Life Easier”

  1. Couriers are not something I had considered using until recently. I’ve had USPS and other shipping services “misplace” some of my packages and I wasn’t too happy about it. Couriers seem to be a bit more reliable so I may need to try them pretty soon. Thanks for this great list of tips and info!


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