Pelipod Meets Sajid Javid – Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills


meets Sajid Javid – Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

Following the General Election on the 11th May, one of the highest profile promotions within the Cabinet has been that of Sajid Javid to the post of Secretary of State for Innovation, Business and Skills.  Formally the Culture Secretary, Sajid has already made a significant impact and has unveiled details of a new Enterprise bill, to be included in the Queens speech. This bill aims to reduce unnecessary red-tape and regulation and is targeted to save UK business c£10bn.

One of his first official engagements was to return to his home town of Bristol where he visited The Engine Shed, the innovation centre for SETsquared.  SETsquared is the award winning enterprise collaboration between Bristol, Bath, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey Universities.  SETsquared has an international reputation for successful incubation of advanced technology firms and it is in recognition of technology’s critical importance to the UK economy that Sajid chose this as his first public engagement.

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SETsquared arranged for him to meet 5 of the companies currently based within the centre and the first company he met was Pelipod. Pelipod is a UK firm that has developed the world’s most advanced unattended parcel delivery box.

Sajid recognised how Pelipod would benefit consumers and businesses and thought it was an original and compelling concept.

Karl Wills, Pelipod’s CEO, pursuing a theme close to his heart asked The Minister about the Governments plans for expanding the UK talent pool particularly for software engineers and other technologists.  Sajid understood the scale of this issue and how the skills shortage is impacting UK industry and then went on to explain about the planned expansion of the technical apprenticeship schemes and other training programmes.

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In describing the market Pelipod addresses, Karl Wills said ‘there are around 100m parcels in the UK B2B and B2C market that fail to be delivered correctly first time and a remarkable number of these failed deliveries end up as completely lost. Pelipod is the only product of its kind that comprehensively addresses and solves this huge problem for consumers and industry’.

The Pelipod product is a highly secure box that is both intuitive and simple to use as well as highly flexible and secure. It enables consumers and businesses to have unattended parcel deliveries from any supplier, retailer and courier; it requires no integration and is fully standalone. Only recently released, Pelipod has gained significant recognition and national and international interest from consumers, retailers and couriers

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