Pelipod at the Ideal Home Show

The Pelipod Team is just about settling back in to daily life, after having spent 18 days at the Ideal Home Show introducing Pelipod to the general public. These past few weeks have been an extremely rewarding and educational experience and we had a really positive response to our parcel delivery solution.

After being shortlisted as one of the ‘Top 5 to Watch’ in Home Improvements at the Ideal Home Show this year, many show goers made a beeline to our stand and had a test run at delivering a parcel themselves. We had some great conversations about how the Pelipod could save customers from future days spent waiting at home for that delivery to arrive. It is also a way to save customers from finding parcels ‘delivered’ into their garbage bins – a story we heard from a surprisingly large number of people. General feedback was that we had found an excellent solution with one individual telling us that Pelipod was the highlight of the show for him (that may have been our highlight too…).

We heard a lot of feedback about online shopping experiences nowadays – with the main theme being that anyone and everyone can have delivery problems. Members of the logistics and delivery industries who dropped by the stand were intrigued with the Pelipod and told us stories about how it could simplify their work.

During the show we noticed two main groups of people there: those who had their neighbours receive their parcels and so didn’t need a Pelipod, and those who received their neighbours’ parcels and would recommend Pelipod to them! Turns out it is one of those products you need even if you think you don’t!

It was great to see how many people understood Pelipod immediately. When we were starting out one of our central goals was always to create a product that was simple to use and that solved the central obstacle of needing someone at home to accept deliveries. The positive responses we got back confirmed that we have achieved this and that over time we might see more and more people benefiting from our solution.

We did hear some interesting ideas about what Pelipod was at first glance: compost and recycling bins were a common thought as well as a chemical toilet. Newsagents mentioned that it would work well for accepting their early morning paper deliveries and people were excited about having a safe place to leave things for their friends and families. It just goes to show what a novel and innovative product Pelipod is!

To round off the show on a high we announced the winners of our competition on Friday, and had a very pleasant afternoon delivering the good news to 5 lucky show goers. These are now very happy Pelipod customers who can make their friends jealous with their hassle-free online shopping!