New intern at Pelipod as the marketing team grows

The marketing team at Pelipod has been growing in the recent month. As Pelipods are beginning to be rolled out to customers and the company starts working with couriers and retailers. Bringing the public relations aspect of this in-house has been part of the process to get the Pelipod name out there and thus to able to take over the world!

With that it’s time to introduce our latest team member – Millie

Hello – Millie here! I’ve just joined Pelipod as the Public Relations and Marketing Communications Intern. So far I have fought with computers (they won – stubborn things), made it to the nearby Irish pub and had a little taste of all the great food that the Kings Cross area has to offer; all in 3 days’ work!

Working at Pelipod is very different to my previous PR experience; part of the excitement of working in a start-up is the chance to really get involved with making new contacts and building up systems. This means I get to learn first-hand the ins and outs of running an in-house PR campaign, adding to the challenge and level of responsibility I have been given.

The really interesting aspect of this role is that the Pelipod is a brand new product and I get to be part of getting it ‘out there’. There are many problems with the lack of convenience in online shopping and it doesn’t fit quite as neatly into our hectic lifestyles as is necessary. Yes you can order it at home in your pyjamas with a glass of wine, but then you have to sit in all day with your nose pressed up against the window waiting for the delivery man or end up with a pile of missed delivery notices. The Pelipod folks have created this innovative solution to one of the last major issues holding back e-commerce, getting the parcel to the customer whilst allowing the recipient to continue their normal life, I personally am very excited about the challenge.

Let’s see how it goes…

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