Piecing together the omnichannel delivery puzzle

Here at Pelipod we are really excited about a couple of things, well actually a lot of things but here are two things right now we’d like to share with you.

Firstly, next week we will be at the Delivery Conference so if you are at the show do pop by stand 18 for a chat and demo. Our CEO Karl Wills will be speaking on the Better Delivery Choice panel between 12.00 – 12.30 and we are looking forward to sharing more on that discussion next week!

Secondly we think we may have the last piece of the omnichannel delivery puzzle

Choice has always been important to the customer. As the old mantra goes ‘in this business the customer is king’, and these days the industry treats the customer just so – offering a veritable feast of shopping experiences so that the customer is able to choose how to shop in the most convenient and enjoyable way for them. From shopping in store and mail orders, to ordering online, via mobile, tweet to select and click to buy, and even offering personal shopper services there really is something for everyone!

However retailers face many challenges in offering this variety of shopping experiences to the consumer. Customers want variety, but they also want consistency across platforms. These days we talk a lot about omni-channel retailing – where retailers aim to offer a consistent and seamless retail experience across all their ‘touchpoints’ to ensure customer loyalty. But one important area that we feel is often missed in these discussions is the customer’s experience of delivery or fulfilment.

Right now customers don’t have much choice in how they receive their purchases, in fact pretty much every delivery option out there forces the customer to go to their order. If you chose click and collect, you need to go to the store. If you opt for Collect+ you need to find the nearest convenience store and pick up your parcel. Organise a delivery to your workplace and your parcel may come to you, but inevitably you’ll end up battling the tube in peak hour, with one hand on the rail and the other trying to steady your awkwardly sized parcel. Opt for a time delivery at home, and you’ll end up putting the kettle on, checking your email and hope the parcel turns up before you need to go out. In short all these delivery solutions rely on a logic of ‘person to parcel’.

But what if we changed this logic, and found a way to seamlessly offer ‘parcel to person’ delivery solutions? What if we could offer consumers a delivery channel that would guarantee parcel delivery to the most convenient location for the customer, regardless of whether anyone is home to sign for it? If we could find such a solution, we could at last complete the omni-channel delivery puzzle – offering consumers complete choice in how and where they would like to receive deliveries.

Well… and here’s why we are so excited… Pelipod is that the final piece of the omnichannel delivery puzzle.

We believe that a customer should have choices not only in how they shop, but also in how their purchase is delivered. Our smart, connected, and secure home delivery box gives them the complete choice as to how they want their online shopping to be delivered. For retailers and couriers the benefits are many: right first time delivery, proof of delivery, reduced costs on lost parcel claims, less customer calls chasing missed parcels = better customer service.

With the last piece of the omnichannel delivery puzzle in place we now have a picture of happy customers, retailers and couriers something we can all be excited about.


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