Black Friday and the delivery problem

While television and national newspaper reports understandably focused heavily on the consumer frenzy at ‘bricks and mortar’ stores, the greatest stampedes during Black Friday took place online. While retailers attempted to shift the focus of the annual ecommerce charge to Cyber Monday, consumers that were unable to compete for in-store bargains on Black Friday were determined to share the action from their offices , phones and tablets. Amazon’s experience of orders up 37.5 percent on last year’s sales was typical. Runs on ecommerce sites saw many major retailers shut online stores as systems fought to cope with orders.

To us the huge and largely untold story of Black Friday was the fulfilment and delivery of those orders – inundated couriers pushing the boundaries of delivery windows and the patience of home shoppers eager to get their hands on their bargains. As online shopping continues to boom and consumers are presented with even higher profile sales opportunities, frustration can only escalate for shoppers forced to either wait at home for long periods or resign themselves to frustrating trips to postal depots with failed delivery slips.

The solution?  Deliver the parcel to the customer – first time and every time. Our British-made Pelipod features are durable, strong and designed to receive parcels – and handle returns – as needed. With built-in telecommunications software, sensors,  cameras and proof-of-delivery, our mission is to transform parcel delivery and to save time, money and worry for consumers, couriers and retailers.

Online shopping is set to continue in its velocity and volume. We need to get the parcel to the consumer and smart home delivery pods solve this problem of modern parcel delivery.

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