Pelipod research finds 39 percent of British Black Friday delivery-related Twitter traffic is negative

An analysis of UK social media conversations around parcel deliveries shows that in the week since Black Friday more than 39% of 65,500 Twitter conversations about parcel deliveries are negative. Less than one percent of conversations analysed were positive or sharing experiences of good parcel delivery.

The analysis was run by Pelipod, which plans to revolutionise parcel delivery and returns with its smart home-delivery box with built-in proof-of-delivery that saves time, money and worry for consumers, couriers and retailers.

Key findings from UK Twitter analysis running from Wednesday 27 November to Wednesday 3 December found:

– 39% of the week’s 65,500 tweets sent by British consumers were negative including:

– 16% of negative social media conversations were complaints of not having received an expected parcel

– 6% were unhappy with the condition of the parcel received and the customer service offered

– 5% had missed an expected parcel delivery

– 4% of negative social media commentary singled out Yodel

– 6% complained about problems relating to planning to return parcels

– 2% used social media to complain about packages being left in strange, inappropriate or irrelevant places

Top hashtags included #blackfriday, #christmas and #delivery. The top Twitter handle mention was @yodelonline. Other top delivery services mentioned were @dpd_uk and @royalmail. Top retail mentions were @asosheretohelp, followed by @missguided_help then @amazonuk.

Karl Wills, CEO of the London-based Pelipod team said: “This analysis reaffirms what we already know – delivery is the weakest link in the ecommerce fulfilment chain. We’re seeing greater innovation with talk of drone deliveries and smart technology within stores and there’s promising dialogue about omnichannel retailing, but we still have a basic flaw in the delivery chain – parcels failing to reach the consumer. With an estimated 930 million parcels delivered in the UK in 2014, redelivery rates during peak periods run up to 20 perce. The bottom line is that consumers want their parcels at their homes when they need them, and this has to be fixed.”

Designed and funded in Britain using English and Welsh manufacturers, Pelipod is the first home delivery pod of its kind. Each secure 61cm x 61cm x 70cm pod uses an in-built electronic keypad to communicate to a central system, so that only authorised users have access, while smart sensors and a camera provide all parties with proof of delivery (POD). When buying online, Pelipod users simply add an easy-to-generate unique parcel code to their address. The courier then uses this code to open the Pelipod and place the parcel inside before securely closing it. A camera provides POD delivery audits with photographic evidence of the opening, parcel placement and lid closure. Each shopper then receives an email to let them know that their delivery has arrived, with details and times. When they return home they simply open the pod with their unique user code. The pod can also be used to leave parcels for return, eliminating further consumer hassle and wasted time.

As part of its UK roll-out, Pelipod is now offering pods on a free 60-day trial, followed by £9.99 a month on a subscription basis with no upfront delivery or installation charges. UK consumers can sign up for a trial or register interest today.

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