Love at first pod: Pelipod meets its first consumers

Last night the Pelipod team welcomed more than 30 online shoppers to get their first glimpse of the Pelipod over wine and canapés.

Pelipod team member Trudy Capaldo kindly offered her house to show Pelipod in its natural habitat – the home. Alongside the two demo models inside, we had Pelipods in an array of colours lit up in the garden and one ready for action at the front of the house.

One of our project managers, Tata Zhamharyan, was on hand to give guests a full demonstration, from generating a unique retailer code via the mobile app, through to how easy it is to open the secure pod and retrieve your delivery.

Everyone liked the look of the Pelipod, with debates over preferences between the green, red and grey pods that we on show. It was agreed that the build was sturdy – we wanted people to be able to see it, get a real feel for it and see how secure it is. The Pelipod’s built-in camera, activated when the lid is lifted as a real-time proof of delivery, was met with great enthusiasm.  As was the online portal with its easy-to-use interface. It clearly lists all scheduled and received deliveries, with guests commenting on how easy it was to navigate. Many guests remarked on the Pelipod’s range of clever security features, which include a GPS tracker and alert if the Pelipod is ever opened by means other than an authorised code.

There was much talk about who would benefit most from a Pelipod. From students and young professionals, to busy full-time mums – it was felt that across the board the Pelipod would be extremely useful. People saw that Pelipod’s uses went beyond the delivery of parcels as it is also a means to leave items for friends or neighbours when you’re out.

We got a great response to the special launch pricing of Pelipod at £5.99 a month with no installation charge. It was felt that it was a small price to pay for the peace of mind and freedom Pelipod offers. Some of our guests speculated about what impact guaranteed delivery might have on lowering retailers’ delivery charges in the future. What a great thing that would be!

The evening was a great success. The team was bowled over by our guests’ positivity, with many keen to sign up to be among the first homes kitted out with a Pelipod.

The real highlight of the evening was hearing the feedback which included:

“It answers a real need and makes internet shopping the truly hassle-free experience it should be”

“I was concerned about the security of it, but having seen it and heard more about all the security features, I feel completely reassured.”

“It’s useful for so much more than deliveries – you can leave things for friends and family to pick up, for example. That’s brilliant!”

“I probably get around six deliveries a day, and sometimes I miss them all – so I’ll definitely get one.”

“An amazing idea from an amazing company”

“A very clever product”

“I’d definitely use it for returns – it would really take the hassle out of a painful process”

“Very clever. Perfect for busy working people.”

“Great idea – no need to waste your Saturday mornings queuing at the Post Office!”

“I love it!”

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